#CodeBreaker Twitter Chat

June, 2021: Honored to moderate the #CodeBreaker Twitter chat exploring the Power of EMPATHY!

Leader of Learning


February, 2021: Honored to be featured in the Leader of Learning Podcast episode 103 titled “Combining Lifelong Learning with Leadership.” In this episode I discussed leading a virtual-only school during the pandemic, pursuing my doctorate as part of my lifelong learning journey, and harnessing empathy, connections, and relationships to build a great school culture.


Twitter Chat

January, 2021: As we enter the eighth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, I moderated a #Read2Lead twitter chat focusing on Growing from Adversity.

Published Teach Better Blog

December, 2020: In this Teach Better blog I discuss the importance of transparent leadership. Transparency allows teams to come together easier and promotes authentic relationships.

Autism in Real Life Podcast

November, 2020: Honored to be featured in the Autism in Real Life Podcast episode 37 titled “The Connected Educator.” In this episode we discussed strategies to learn and grow as an educator, working with different types of learners, and ways to connect with families and other educators.

Virtual Halloween Happening

October, 2020: Join me for our first ever Virtual Halloween Happening!

Published Teach Better Blog

September, 2020: In this Teach Better blog I discuss the certainties that we can count on during the uncertain time created by COVID-19.

State of Ed Podcast

June, 2020: Excited to be featured in the State of Ed Podcast Episode 44 titled “So…Now What.” I had the honor of chatting with leaders from across the nation about the impact of COVID-19 on education.

State of Ed Podcast

October, 2019: Honored to be featured in the State of Ed podcast episode 39 titled ‘The Dream Team.” Grateful to be a member of the EdCamp Long Island planning team and host EdCampLI 2019! Excited to be share the details of this experience in this podcast.